Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go ‘gotta catch ‘em all!’ hit the US by a storm – the biggest mobile game in the history of all mobile games. It has had more downloads than Tinder, more daily active users than Twitter, and people are spending more time on Pokémon Go than Facebook. Now, Europe has also been hit by the craze.

Pokémon Go has shown in just one week how the powerful drug of gamification can drive human behaviour – making even the least active people do some exercise because ‘they gotta catch ‘em all’.

Now, we see people staring at their phones walking into places people wouldn’t normally walk at odd times of the day. We hear on the news that people have crazily attempted to cross busy highways or even journalists outside 10 Downing Street have played on the game whilst awaiting the new British Prime Minister.

After seeing the success of Pokémon Go, why not apply this to other aspects of life?

With Luckycycle’s unique digital tool, you can gamify your online checkout page with a short and fun game. By using gamification, drive your consumer’s behaviour into spending more and making a purchase. As Pokémon Go turns the uninteresting act of walking into something exciting and engaging, you can encourage your customers to engage with your store by providing an extra little goal that turns online shopping from a repetitive experience to a fun one.

As you can see, gamification is on point right now, so let's discuss how we can bring this to life in your online environment. Let's strategize your Q3/Q4 plans today.

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