Paypal has signed a European deal with Luckycycle® in order to increase the use of Paypal on its merchant sites.

Campaigns have recently been run with famous furniture company, MIMUB, in Spain and Mister Auto in France.

PayPal’s main aims for doing these campaigns were to boost its market share on merchant sites, increase customer acquisition and boost revenue. MIMUB and Mister Auto wanted to increase conversion rates and differentiate themselves by rewarding customers in a fun and unique way.

For the MIMUB campaign, Luckycycle® worked with both MIMUB and PayPal to offer customers a special ‘1 in 10 chance to win a free plane ticket’ when paying with Paypal – creating a big incentive for customers to choose PayPal as their payment method.


Luckycycle® also worked with PayPal at Mister Auto to give their customers the chance to win their order for free by offering ‘100 free orders every day’ if they paid with PayPal. Once again, the results were great. PayPal doubled their customer acquisition, increased revenues by 30% and found that over 30% of winners were sharing their experience across social media channels. Mister Auto increased their conversion rate by a big 50% and gained an impressive 115,000 impressions on social media throughout the campaign, creating a real buzz for all companies across many social media channels.


Luckycycle® is looking forward to working with PayPal on more campaigns in the future in order to provide more customers with a fun, different and exciting experience whilst boosting sales at the same time.