All things new are happening at Luckycycle at the moment with the launch of a new game AND a brand new website!

With many types of games already in place, such as the Scratch Card, 3 of a Kind and the Slot Machine, at Luckycycle we have recently launched the Wheel of Fortune to add even more variety into the Luckycycle mix!

Now you can further individualise your digital promotion campaigns by offering your customers the chance to win great prizes by simply spinning the wheel. Make your loyal customers feel valued whilst creating a unique incentive to make a purchase.

Here is an example of the Wheel of Fortune in action...

1) Play now 2) Spin the wheel 3) Win a prize!

Campaign image with PayPal

Our brand new Luckycycle website has also JUST been launched! Have a scroll around on our new homepage and find out what we've been up to with an easier layout and newly themed colours!

Campaign image with PayPal