Mister Auto has now run five Luckycycle campaigns, with the first one being in November 2015 and the most recent being over this year’s Easter weekend. Luckycycle has worked with Mister Auto to make sure each campaign is unique, in order to keep surprising its customers to make sure they stay loyal and keep coming back.

Matthieu Rubin

Mister Auto looks to expand the use of Luckycycle's digital promotion. 'We soon expect to be running Luckycycle campaigns in 6 different countries across Europe.' Says Matthieu Rubin, Head of Online Marketing at Mister Auto. 'We are very happy with all the results that the Luckycycle campaigns have brought us, a company that we know we can fully trust and rely on. We have not only experienced great results in our conversion rates and AOV across all five campaigns, but particularly like the way Luckycycle enables us to differentiate ourselves by treating our customers with special and fun promotions so that they stay loyal to our brand.’

Mister Auto’s 2015 Luckycycle promotion was linked to Luckycycle’s collaboration with Paypal, in which 100 free orders were offered every day over a period of 8 days if customers chose to pay with PayPal. The results were very successful, Paypal managed to double its customer acquisition, increase revenues by 30% and found that over 30% of winners were sharing their experience across many social media channels. Mister Auto increased its conversion rate by 50% and gained an impressive 115,000 impressions on social media throughout the campaign, creating a real buzz for both companies across social media in general.

Campaign image with PayPal

Due to the success of November’s campaign, Mister Auto chose to work with Luckycycle again and ran a special Christmas promotion over the first 10 days of December named ‘Le Noel de Mister Auto.’ Mister Auto offered their customers a free gift to win every hour such as cameras, smart phones, tablets and vouchers to spend at Mister Auto.

After already experiencing two successful campaigns, Mister Auto decided to expand the Luckycycle promotion from France and into Spain with yet another unique campaign. During February and March 2016, Mister Auto ran two campaigns with France and Spain respectively. Customers were offered the chance to win a free tank of fuel once they had made a minimum order of €99, resulting in a huge increase in AOV across both campaigns.

The most recent promotion was over this year’s Easter Weekend, where Mister Auto France offered their customers the chance to win 4 free VIP tickets to the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Customers had to make an order of any amount, answer a question correctly and then were entered into the big prize draw. This created a real buzz around Mister Auto’s social media over Easter weekend.