Luckycycle, a digital promotional tool to differentiate your eCommerce

Interview by: Lucie Merieux: Social Media Manager at Wizishop. Thursday 1st October 2015

I met the Lucky Cycle team at the eCommerce expo yesterday and had a great chat with Nicolas Coppée the sales director who told me that if you want to succeed online you’ll have to differentiate yourself and this can be done through a great customer experience for example!

eCommerce Expo 2015

Hi David, first thank you for this interview, can you introduce yourself before beginning?

My name is David Sibley and I am the UK business development director. I am responsible for building relationships with existing and prospective clients.

Can you talk about Luckycycle and tell us its mission?

Luckycycle enables digital stores to offer free purchases to their customers in accordance with pre-set parameters. Luckycycle’s mission is to shake up the world of retail promotions by using a fresh and unique digital promotion tool. What is your business model? The business model is based on a ‘buy and win’ concept. The process is simple: a customer visits a website, makes a purchase and is then offered (for example) a 1 in 10 chance to win their basket for free rather than a 10% discount. Winners are notified instantly and have the option to share their experience via social media platforms. Losers are given the ‘second chance’ concept where if they share on social media they will receive a chance to replay via email. Promotions can run across individual products, categories or an entire range – they can be tailored to specific companies.

What is the advantage of Luckycycle compared to others on the market?

The market is currently full of the same tired discount codes such as 10% off or flash sales. Luckycycle is unique. It enables companies to run a promotional campaign without discounting. Not only that, but it also encourages interaction via social media between the company and customers, it makes customers feel valued whilst shopping and thus it creates a memorable connection between both parties.

Can you tell us whom you are targeting? (Type and size of companies)

We target all kinds of retail companies, big and small. For example, our latest campaigns have been with Joy the Store, Samsonite and Swimshop.

What is for you, the most important thing to master in eCommerce?

For me, it is being able to understand your customer, understanding their pains and their goals. I am fortunate enough to have a product that will, almost without exception, assist businesses surpass their eCommerce goals. Having a unique and pioneering product to share with retailers immediately makes them more receptive. On a very basic level, it’s treating people with respect, keeping your word and delivering results.

If you had one advice to give to our readers to succeed online, what would it be?

Be adaptable. Always want to learn. Always strive for greater success.

Finally, what do we need to remember when talking about Lucky Cycle?

Fresh, unique and exciting digital promotion tool… Watch this space!

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