After already experiencing success with Luckycycle® previously, Latest in Beauty differentiated its promotions over Easter by running a 2 week 'Lucky Egg' campaign with Luckycycle®.

Fiona Dillon

‘We chose to use Luckycycle again after knowing we could trust and rely on them after previous success. We wanted to treat our loyal customers with something fun and different over the Easter weekend whilst increasing our social media presence at the same time. The ‘second chance’ part of the Luckycycle campaign really encouraged the boost in our share rate; with over a quarter of all participants voluntarily sharing their experience on a range of social media channels.’ Says Fiona Dillon, Latest in Beauty’s eCommerce & Social Media Manager. ‘This unique promotion creates a real buzz across all social channels. It is something you’d want to share, and something you’d want to talk about.’

The London based luxury beauty products retailer ran an exclusive promotion over its entire range for all customers making an order worth £10 or more. Customers were able to play the Luckycycle scratch card game after making a purchase where they had a 1 in 20 chance of winning back their order for free. The ‘unlucky’ customers were given the opportunity to have a second chance to play once they had shared their unique experience on social media.

Latest in Beauty saw excellent results for the second time running with an 80% participation rate and the social media share rate reaching record levels.

LiB FB Share

Luckycycle continues to develop and tweak its promotions, and with new ideas in the pipeline, it looks forward to being able to offer other kinds of unique and fun promotions in the future.