Over the course of 2 weeks during October, Hotel Chocolat ran a “Halloween Special” promotion by “trick or treating” its customers using the Luckycycle platform.

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For customers that made orders online at a minimum value of £35, were then given the chance to win one of 700 prizes in play during the course of the competition.

Straight after purchase, customers had the chance to play on a virtual game where they clicked on 1 of 4 chocolates to find out if they had won. If they did not win, they could share their experience on social media in order to receive a second chance to play the game.

Hotel Chocolat game

“Rewarding customers across all channels is becoming increasingly important, and loyal shoppers need to feel valued. Retail is evolving from discounting - there is a desire to move away from relying on this method and boost sales by offering something fresh,” said Géraud de Borchgrave, MD of Luckycycle. “Using retro-style games to reward customers in the digital era taps into something that’s universally attractive - the element of chance.”

The campaign proved to be a big success, particularly creating a huge buzz across Hotel Chocolat’s social media channels thanks to the “share to gain a second chance” part of the promotion.
Online customer traffic also increased considerably, thanks to the luring gamification element, something different to what customers would usually experience.

Luckycycle look forward to working with Hotel Chocolat on future campaigns to further differentiate their promotions for special occasions.

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