The Promotion

Holland & Barrett was searching for a fun way to reward its loyal customers to lead to boosts in sales and conversion rate. It ran a very successful initial campaign using the Luckycycle platform, offering 100 online customers a full refund everyday from 20th-23rd October. Thanks to the great results, Holland & Barrett decided to run another. This was a daylong promotion on the 5th November, once again offering 100 online lucky customers a full refund.

Holland and Barrett

The Game

The game was a virtual spin wheel and customers could play it in the order confirmation page straight after making their online purchase. The gamified element to the promotion gave customers an exciting incentive to buy online, boosting AOV with customers hoping that they would win their basket for free. The game took just seconds to play, enabling those busy customers to give it a go as well. Customers found out instantly if they won or lost. If they won, they were refunded within 60 days of order confirmation.

Holland and Barrett spin wheel

The Results

HB social media

By running a unique promotion involving gamification, customers were kept engaged with Holland & Barrett's online store, incentivising customers to make a purchase online with increased AOV. Not only this, but customers were also very active with Holland & Barrett on social media. After playing the game, customers were encouraged to share their experience online with their friends, creating a big buzz across all social media channels. Some customers voluntarily gave their own personal feedback to Holland & Barrett to express just how much they loved the unique promotion.

Luckycycle look forward to working with Holland & Barrett in the near future to continue to differentiate their campaigns.