Reputable, fair and compliant ‘buy and win’ games

Luckycycle's ‘buy and win’ games are sometimes referred to as ‘game-based marketing’. However, there are negatives associated with this term that are completely inaccurate and may give the wrong impression of Luckycycle®. We take governance seriously and Luckycycle® observes the highest standards of ethics.

Here we outline the factors that demonstrate Luckycycle’s technology is reputable and why it is a fair and compliant solution for boosting online store performance by creating more compelling online shopping experiences.

1. Patented technology

Luckycycle® holds a US Patent registered by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The methodology is 100% legal in all countries where we operate and has been adapted to countries’ specific regulations.

2. Transparency guaranteed by Compliance Audit

Luckycycle’s systems and procedures are assessed and validated by Deloitte. In relation to our campaigns, Deloitte is requested to inspect and report upon post-campaign compliance of the promotion results against pre-set parameters as defined by merchants and logged/recorded by Luckycycle®.

When you have your reputation to protect and need your processes to stand up under the scrutiny of eagle–eyed consumers with fingertip access in seconds to their social networks, you need the peace of mind that everything is as transparent as it can be!

3. Legal Coverage

Luckycycle® is 100% legal and compliant with gaming rules. We cater for the Different Game & Contest Regulations provided per Country. To guarantee legal compliance for our customers, we work with a law firm that validates our terms and conditions for each campaign depending on the country. In Belgium, for instance, it is compulsory to put a question before giving the people access to the Luckycycle® game-competitions.

4. Fraud Detection

Some scammers may try to commit fraud by making purchases to obtain the chance to win and then return the goods if they do not win. To combat this Luckycycle®:

  • Limits the number of participations per user
  • Can set a time between 2 participations
  • Integrates automatic detection of returns from winners
  • Provides automatic detection of multiple returns from same customer accounts, IP and so on

5. Browser and internet security

Like many web technologies, Luckycycle® makes API requests (calls) directly in the browser. To prevent fraud and reduce any other risks, Luckycycle® implements a layered approach to security:

  • Luckycycle® is secured through a SSL connexion
  • Luckycycle® API (Application Program Interface) is secured by secret API keys
  • JavaScript unique code is hosted in Luckycycle® and contains a unique operation ID
  • Manual verification before any reimbursement of the winners

‘Buy and win’ technology you can trust from Luckycycle®

Luckycycle® lets you create more compelling campaign messaging, driving interest and engagement. Part of this depends on trust, where online shoppers know the game is fair. With Luckycycle® everything is transparent and all the checks and balances are in place to provide you and your customers with the assurance you need.

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