Clinique, the world famous high-end cosmetics store, have now run three successful digital promotional campaigns with Luckycycle in BE and NL, offering their customers the exciting chance to win their purchase for free. Throughout these campaigns Clinique have boosted their sales by almost 200% and also created a huge online buzz across all Social Media channels.

Alexandra Bor

‘We are delighted with the high and consistent results that we experience during each Luckycycle promotion. It is important for us to look after our customers by offering them entertaining and different experiences - the Luckycycle tool is perfect for doing just that. We look forward to expanding our use of the Luckycycle promotion platform further into Europe.’ Says Alexandra Bor, Corporate e-Business Manager at Estée Lauder Companies Benelux.

The Estée Lauder Group continue to use the Luckycycle promotion platform with various of their brands, including a recent promotion with Estée Lauder BE & NL, who offered its customers a chance to win their purchase for free to celebrate its 2nd Birthday in a special and different way.

After achieving much success already, the Estée Lauder Group look to continue the use of the unique ‘play to win’ Luckycycle promotion even further into Europe, such as special promotions in Germany and Italy.