Black Friday

It's not too late to stand out from the crowd for this year's Black Friday weekend on 27th November. It only takes a couple of hours to get you on board...

Partner with innovative promotions technology company, Luckycycle, enabling you to offer your customers a unique 1 in 10 chance to win their basket for free instead of the usual 10% discounts that everyone has learned to expect. You can not only increase conversion rates and boost sales, but you are also able to treat your loyal customers at the same time.

Just like Media Markt, who had a successful Black Friday campaign with Luckycycle last year, use Luckycycle to differentiate your promotions from competitors. Kick start the Christmas shopping season in an innovative and special way for your customers.

Create a buzz around your company and reward your customers differently for this year’s Black Friday weekend. Ensure that they have a unique, fun and exciting experience when shopping with you.

You can view the success of customers who have utilised our solution here.

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